Philippe Loctaux

Computer science student at Epitech, graduating in 2023.

Hi, I’m Philippe, but I prefer to go by Phil.


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I got into tech by learning system administration and setting up servers.

Then got interest into programming by tinkering my linux machine and learning about the kernel and low-level programming.

I started the Epitech computer science school and learned to tackle technical concepts and applying them quickly by working on small projects.

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to make software helping its users accomplish their needs.

When I feel like it, I write on my blog and upload videos.

Almost always working while listening to music.

I also like to play Counter-Strike or Rocket League when I have some free time.

I speak English, French 🇫🇷 and Russian 🇷🇺.


Most of what I do is not listed here, usually I hack in something quickly or learn for personal research.


Library to replace tokens in Epitech school. (June - August 2020)

A viewer of the Epitech intranet calendar. Aims to be a simpler and cleaner intranet. (December 2019)

timelapse for

I created and maintained a timelapse of a virtual canvas where people place colored pixels to make art. (April 2017 - January 2020)

vim plugins

I use vim as my text editor of choice, so I learned Vimscript and wrote plugins to make my life easier.


Giving small talks helps me reduce my fear of public speaking, and I get to share what I know.

Work experience


Teaching assistant in Epitech school.

My role is to help first and second year students when they hit technical problems in their projects, and I grade their work.

February 2020 - March 2021


Second year school internship in french startup Ubiscale.

I coded a wireless gateway on a ESP8266 chipset in C.

August - December 2019


I can work comfortably on UNIX-based and Windows systems.

Editor of choice: vim or a Jetbrains tools (and sometimes vscode)

I’m alright

I know my way around

I want more experience

I’d like to learn

I’d prefer to avoid

This does not mean I’ve never worked with the items below, I would like to avoid these because I had bad experience with them.

Cool projects

Projects that I think are cool and worth checking out.

Cool people

Folks I worked with, or I like what they do.