Philippe Loctaux

Developer of all sorts. Epitech alumni, class of 2023.


About Phil

Developer of all sorts

I got into computer science by learning about the Linux kernel and administrating servers.

After high school, I became a student at Epitech and learned to tackle technical concepts and apply them quickly by working on small projects.

During my studies at Epitech, I had the opportunity to be a teacher. My role was to assist students with technical problems in their projects.

Now I have experience in software engineering, full-stack web and mobile development, system administration and CI/CD, as well as embedded development.

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to make software helping its users accomplish their needs.

Professional Experiences

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Since 2023-06

Software engineer

Maintenance and improvement of PROVE IT, a Privileged Access Management software platform.

  • Rewrote an internal component in Rust, making it faster and simpler to use for the development team
  • Bug investigation and fixes
  • Public speaking about the product
Company website
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2023-03 - 2023-05

Rust developer

The first usage of the SCHC framework (RFC 8724) on Rust!

  • Creation of Rust bindings of a C library implementing the SCHC framework
  • Demonstration of SCHC with applications in Rust on x86 platform
  • Proof of concept usage of embedded STM32 controllers exclusively in Rust
  • Transmission of knowledge to the technical team
RustSCHCSTM32 controllersLoRaLoRaWAN
Company website
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Vélorail du Kreiz Breizh
2021-08 - 2022-04

Freelance developer

Creation of an online booking platform focused on the tourist activity of rail biking (vélorail).

  • Design, UX, booking and payment flow for customers
  • Dashboard for managers with calendar view, manual bookings, slots management
  • Ability to generate invoices, booking recaps for managers
  • Sending emails to customers and managers about bookings
  • Online deployment, maintenance of the service
  • 5 months after the initial deployment, 43% of the bookings were made with the online platform
  • Focus to use the least amount of external services, resulting in implementation of a invoice generation service, an image-based captcha, and a templating system for transactional emails
AngularNestJSGraphQLRustStripeAmazon SESGitLab CI/CD
Not available
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2021-04 - 2021-07

Full-Stack developer

Design, development, deployment and maintenance of many projects for various clients.

  • Admin dashboard of a local merchants solution
  • Calendar planning application with filtering and custom views for a SaaS for the agency
  • Intranet to upload and download documents for a client
Agency website
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2020-02 - 2021-03

Teaching assistant

Pedagogical supervision of three classes of students, conducting educational activites throughout the school year.

  • Start of projects
  • Technical help and guidance
  • Proctoring exams
  • Grading students on their work
CC++HaskellRustWeb and mobile development
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2019-08 - 2019-12

Embedded developer

Creation of a home Wifi gateway for a commercial IoT object.

  • Research, reverse engineering of existing products
  • Design and implementation
C on a ESP8266 controllerWi-FiBluetooth
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2023-01 - 2023-07

Identity and Access Management system

A simple identity and access management system for SMEs or personal use.

Low maintenance required, easy to deploy and to backup.

  • Users management
  • Roles management
  • Assign users to roles and the other way around
  • OAuth2 / OIDC applications (code flow)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (TOTP)
  • Password reset (via email or backup token)
  • Simple administration panel
  • Good security measures for users and administrators
2020-11 - 2021-01

Password manager

Port of passwordstore, the standard unix password manager on the Windows platform.

Warning! Unfinished command line application, may cause data corruption when using existing passwords.

  • Creation of a store
  • List secrets
  • Decrypt secret
  • Insert or generate secrets
  • Edit existing secrets
  • Synchronisation with git
  • TOTP support
Source code
NaviaRent image
NaviaRent logo
2020-09 - 2023-01

Epitech Innovative Project

A B2B platform helping rentals of standup paddle boards.

  • DevOps of all software in the NaviaRent stack
  • Creation of the iOS application
  • Contributions to the Android application
  • Contributions to the backend server
  • Creation and contributions to the web client
  • Server administration, backups
  • Meetings managements spread across 3 timezones
  • Technical writing
  • Public presentations
NodeJSAngularKotlinSwiftUIDockerGitLab CI/CDRaspberry PiESP32
Not available
2020-06 - 2020-09

Presence system at Epitech

A library and web client to simplify students presence at Epitech.

Students are handed a piece of paper with a 6 digits number (called a "token") to verify their presence at school events.

Teachers use epitok to scan student cards with QR codes on them instead of printing and handing tokens to students.

  • Reverse engineering of a partially documented web API
  • Design, conception
  • User experience
  • Improvements based of usage of the application
Source code
2019-11 - 2019-02

Calendar for Epitech

A viewer of the Epitech intranet calendar.

Students and teachers glance at their planning without the need to go on the school's intranet.

  • Reverse engineering of a web api
  • Design a web page
  • Mobile UX
  • Deployment on a server
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2017-04 - 2020-01

Timelapse is a shared place to express creativity.

People from all over the world share one single canvas to paint on.

I created and maintained a timelapse of the virtual canvas.

FFmpegShell scriptingnginx


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2018-10 - 2023-08

Master in Computer software engineering

  • Many small projects in C to learn a technical concept during first year
  • my_teams: Microsoft Teams clone in C (protocol design, networking, server, client)
  • Arcade: Small gaming platform capable of loading dynamic libraries with a high abstraction level in C++
  • Epicture: Android client in Kotlin of the Imgur image service (OAuth2, listing, viewing, uploading images)
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2021-09 - 2022-05

Year abroad in Computer software engineering

  • Android app development
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Software engineering
  • Entreprise application development


Giving a talk is the opportunity to share what I know, and helps me reduce my fear of public speaking.

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Folks I worked with, or I like what they do.

If you do not appear here and we know each other, hit me up!