Philippe Loctaux

I’m a french guy who codes and likes tech, studying at Epitech.


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Passionate about tech since my childhood and later in programming, I started to tinker with system administration by setting up servers, then learned the basics of web programming, started a computer school and gained interested in security, low-level programming and how operating systems work.

Sometimes when I feel like it, I write on my blog and upload videos.

I’m also a big fan of techno music.


Most of what I do is not listed here, usually I hack in something quickly or learn for personal research.

A viewer of the Epitech intranet calendar. Aims to be a simpler and cleaner intranet. (since December 2019) link


A simple shopping site where the owner can upload and remove items, customers add items to a shopping cart and contact the owner to place an order. (June 2019) link

timelapse for

I created and maintained a timelapse of a virtual canvas where people place colored pixels to make art. (April 2017 - January 2020) link

vim plugins

I use vim as my text editor of choice, so I learned vimscript and wrote plugins to make my life easier.


Giving small talks helps me reduce my fear of public speaking, and I get to share what I know.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch!




Projects that I think are cool and worth checking out.

Independent Linux distribution
Free, Functional and Secure
A language to build reliable and efficient software
Unicorn Utterances
Learning programming from magically majestic words
Building software


Folks I worked with or I like what they do.

Jamie Bishop Ayden Panhuyzen Corbin Crutchley James Fenn Peter Soboyejo Alexandre Wagner